Miscellaneous utilities
Here at this page you can found miscellaneous offers of utilities products from leading providers on the other hand this page also contains many offers that we have especially obtained for our customers. At Compareandsaving.co.uk we are trying our best to provide our customers best services with the aim to help them saving money and time. Here at this page we are not providing you comparison but various utilities products packages that are being offered by companies for limited time.


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Good Energy

We prodide more than 40,000 clients and favour more than 59,000 homes, business and communities producing their own energy. We have got our own wind farm in Delabole, North Cornwall.


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Water is the most taught material on The Earth but it is gorgeous to seek that the science bachward its nature and function are so lowerly understood or even ignored, not only by mass in general, but also by scientists performing work with it daily.

Benefits you can get with Compareandsaving.co.uk!

Save energy:

Most of the households in UK are affected by the price hike in the prices of energy, but the fact that people in this part of the world waste much of their consumed energy, which means that most UK homes can save up to £300 a year by simply comparing energy prices and making small changes to daily habits.

Use efficient lighting

In most homes, lighting accounts for 10 to 15% of the electricity bill. Use a smart meter to compare the power consumption of normal light bulbs with that of low energy and energy saving light bulbs - you'll be amazed at the difference, and at how much you can save (about 80% of the energy of normal bulbs, actually).

Utilize every drop properly:

Turn off tap while cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing your face. You can waste up to 9 liters a minute by just letting the water pour down the sink. Take a short shower rather than a bath could save you up to 400 liters a week. If you do have baths, just half fill them. Fix any dripping tap, you can waste 90 liters a week which will cost a lot more than what might just be the price of a new washer.

Turn off your appliances when not in use:

Electric appliances consume much of our energy so it is better to turn off the appliances when not in use and take out the plug.